I installed the plugin, but this error message occured, when I tried to export the citation:

java.lang.Exception: edu.mit.simile.babel.bibtex.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 687, column 113. Encountered: "\u000f" (15), after : ""

Thanks for help ...
  • Dear Martin,

    unfortunately, I encounter the same problem. The error message is the same, but it stops at other lines and columns.

  • @martinlabaj: I would be helpful to people able to provide advice if you indicated which version of Zotero you are running. You can get that info from the About Zotero item in the menu under the gear icon.
  • I recently installed Zotero 1.0.9 and Zotz worked but since then I receive this error message whenever I try to export to citeline.

    edu.mit.simile.babel.bibtex.ParseException: Encountered "}" at line 2180, column 1.
    Was expecting: "=" ...
  • My guess is that some recent enhancement to Zotero's BibTeX translator is making Citeline unhappy. I sent their project team an email and a link to this thread.
  • Identical error except for the line number:

    Zotero 1.0.9

    edu.mit.simile.babel.bibtex.ParseException: Encountered "}" at line 20703, column 1.
    Was expecting:
    "=" ...

    On another note: what are the chances that Citeline would add
    COINS data, or that we could add Zotero-scraping for Citeline?
    Seems a shame to have citation information go in only one direction ...

    Ben Bolker
  • fbennett: I updated Zotero on version 1.0.9 and it looks like my mentioned problem disappeared.

    Now I dont know how to correctly display some Slovak characters like: á, é, í ..
    It show only ????? instead. :(
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    "Now I dont know how to correctly display some Slovak characters like: á, é, í ..
    It show only ????? instead. :( "

    And Hungarian ő, ű also.

    I think the Citeline server can't display correctly theese characters.

    Could someone help the Citeline folks?
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    Yep, I have the same problem with citeline. Their site is a bit arcane - it is not obvious where you can post feedback (except for a general mailinglist), so I suspect there are many more people out there with this problem.
  • I am getting the same error, with different line number. Though i noticed on Zotz page at <http://simile.mit.edu/wiki/Zotz_Installation>; under Requirements the following:
    "Please note that Appalachian is designed to work with the Firefox 2.x versions only. You should already have Zotero installed. " Does anyone know if thats what is causing the problem?
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    I have no idea. I have taken the effort to subscribe to their general mailinglist and track down a number of individuals involved in the project, but I haven't got any responses so far. Zotz looks nice, but it is utterly unusable in this form.
  • I also noticed that my error has now vanished (i have not done anything to change my database), and zotz could make a exhibit of my library. But the tags for my citations behaved funny
    e.g. i have one tag as "Molecular Anthropology", in Citeline exhibit, it got displayed for different articles as Molecular} {Anthropology , Molecular Anthropology}.
    I recon this is due to the BibTex export from Zotero. I exported a few citations for trial in BibTex format and i noticed that the tags were having these { brackets. So it may not be Zotz/ Citeline problem alone.
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    FYI, Zotz development seems to have stalled. A March 13th mailinglist message by David Karger reads:
    The more important point is that right at this moment, we don't have anyone assigned to work on Zotz, because we don't have the funding necessary to assign them. So this is going to have to wait until we get that funding, or until someone from the open source community wishes to step forward and tackle these improvements (which we would love).
  • Well then, keeping fingers crossed for the funding!
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