Persistence of PDF file name (linked or copied) in right column

Hi, I'm encountering the following:
(using Zotero 1.0.0b4.r2.r1365 Windows XP, FF

Click on linked PDF file in middle column
In the right column, the PDF file name is shown at the top (editable)

Problem is that *after* that point, when I click on any other library item that has a similar layout (e.g. a web link or a snapshot) - the title of the linked PDF file *persists* in the right-hand column - BUT when I click to edit the name in the edit field I see the *correct* item name in the edit pop-up. If I go ahead and re-name it the item name changes in the middle column but the PDF file name in the right hand pane doesn't change.

If I restart Firefox all is fine again for the other types of items, UNTIL I click on a PDF link again.

It's difficult to describe, I'm happy to upload screenshots to somewhere if that would be helpful.
  • I have this same problem - also occurred on the b3 release.
  • I'm not able to reproduce this. If you follow the steps in the Advanced Instructions section of the Reporting Bugs page, do any errors show up in the Error Console?

    To clarify, this is a linked PDF (as in, one stored elsewhere on the hard drive)?
  • Hi Dan,

    It is happening with both linked and 'saved as copy' PDF's - that is, with either type they are stored on my hard drive - one in Zotero's default place and the other in the folder where I keep my research papers.

    I have tried the error console, nothing came up at all related to Zotero.
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    i have the same problem, but nothing that looks like an error in either error console or zotero messages in terminal. this only happens after i download pdf as a snapshot--not when i import it through "store copy of file."

    downloading pdf as snapshot

    imported snapshot title

    same title displayed when i select another snapshot

    i can send you the terminal output -- it's pretty long so i don't want to post it here.
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    I'm encountering the same thing, with virtually the same behavior

    Running 1.0.1 on an iMac within Firefox
    Attempted to reload Zotero and problem cleared up momentarily, then returned.
    "Report Errors" is grayed out.
  • A few more observations ...

    Clicking on a pdf (not a link) the file title persists under these conditions:
    - click on a snapshot & it persists
    - click on a link and it persists

    Click on a note icon (not sure what it is-- icon with blue bar at the bottom) and title changes.
    Also, click on another pdf and it changes, which then persists until clicking on another pdf.
  • I have seen this problem too, and it happened after I dragged a PDF onto a reference in Zotero. There was nothing wrong with the PDF (I could add it and open it later just fine), but somehow Zotero crashed. I was doing a few things at once; perhaps Zotero hadn't yet finished grabbing another ref (including its PDF) from JSTOR and therefore struggled with the PDF I dropped onto it. Anyway, it crashed and Firefox hung.

    When after restarting I checked database integrity, I got the message "Errors were found in the Zotero database!". I used the webbased dbfix tool and that seemed to fix the errors (in the sense that now the integrity check returned no errors), but the PDF name strangeness still stayed.

    I've had a few crashes since, mostly having to do with Zotero being busy and me wanting to do it too many things at the same time (at least that's how I conceptualized its unresponsiveness). But all that was more than a week ago and I have moved on, importing lots of references and incorporating my loose collection of PDFs into Zotero. It works well, but there still is the nagging feeling in the background that something may be wrong or unstable about the database (which is growing larger and larger).

    Is there a way to get a grip on what kind of errors where found, and what kind of errors the dbfix tools fixes?
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