Sync'ing taking long time

I LOVE Zotero! This is really great stuff. Thank you so much for developing this.

I have one question. How long should a sync (with file sync) take? The arrow has been spinning for 20 minutes now. This is the first time I've tried to sync after getting WebDav set up and enabling file sharing...
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    Is there a progress bar? If so, hover over it to see file sync progress.
  • Oh - thanks. It is syncing. 126/177 files - I can see the number increasing. Thanks.
  • Sync time is completely dependent on how much data you are syncing. If you have a large set of files it could take some time. With that noted only your initial sync up and down should be the only times that it takes this long.
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    It seems to still be doing something sync-wise. It finished what it was doing before - last sync 12:30pm. Whatever it's doing now, there's no progress bar. Just a spinning green sync arrow. I checked for error reports - 382083146.
  • Well, it seems to be working fine. I finally just closed Firefox - nothing seems to be missing.
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