Annonymous works

I need to reference anonymous works, where a probable author has been identified. Chicago 16th ed. 14.80 tells me this is done by placing brackets around the author, so,

[William Bond], The life and adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell (London, 1720).

The trouble is, if I put a bracket before William and a bracket after Bond in the first and last author fields, the first reference will be OK, but subsequent references will look like the following (because Zotero will take only the last name):

Bond], The life...

Whereas, a human would write,

[Bond], The life...

Short of adding parentheses, and thus making dozens of refs. uneditable, is there any way around this?
  • no, sorry.
  • A few years later, is there any chance of implementing this? Working from the handling of things like 'Jr', I wonder whether the user could simply indicate an attribution by putting both first and last names in brackets within Zotero, with citeproc recognizing this and adjusting the positioning of the brackets accordingly.

    This is 'Anonymous works—known authorship' in CMoS ¶ 14.80 (notes), 15.33 (author-date), with the following examples:

    10. [Samuel Horsley], On the Prosodies of the Greek and Latin Languages (London, 1796).
    11. [Ebenezer Cook?], Sotweed Redivivus; or, The Planter’s Looking-Glass, by “E. C.Gent” (Annapolis, 1730).
    [Cook, Ebenezer?]. Sotweed Redivivus; or, The Planter’s Looking-Glass. By “E. C. Gent.” Annapolis, 1730.
    [Horsley, Samuel]. On the Prosodies of the Greek and Latin Languages. London, 1796.
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