How to import into Zotero from LILACS?

Firefox 303
Windows XP
Zotero 2.06b3

Hello all. I just had a bad experince. I noticed that LILACS website is not Zotero compatible.

However, LILCAS has an export option to RIS files. The bad part comes.... this option did not work correctly with firefox. I did report this erroneuos behavior both to LILACS helpdesk and to Firefox help. Instead of retreiving a RIS format file, I got a HTML file.
I worked around doing the search and saving the file with IE and later import the RIS file into Zotero with the RIS dictionary.

It worked, but it is not as elegant as SCOPUS or MEDLINE.

Can you Zotero masters make LILACS work with Zotero?

Best regards,
Pedro Brasil
  • BVS now is, and LILACS is Possibly thanks to a requestof mine, BVS got their metadata right, so individual entries can be inserted in Zotero's database but the address bar icon or the bookmarklet. It doesn't work yet on lists, though.
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