Simple quick citation dialogue for any text entry field?

I really like the quick citation dialogue for word, but unfortunately I don't use it for the majority of my writing. Would it be possible to have a similar dialogue which simply outputs a formatted citation (like the quick copy, for example) into any text entry box? I write using scrivener and pandoc, so my citations, for example, simply need to be formatted as text thus:

[@author2013, pp. 13-15]

It's nice that in Word the plugin keeps track of all of the citations etc, but in practice I don't need this, as all my citations will be formatted in 'post-production'... What I would really like is a keyboard shortcut which brings up a simple dialogue from which I can search my library and plonk in a formatted reference.

A starting point would be if somebody could even point me to the code for the dialogue box - I've never managed to find it... I might even be able to hack up something this simple on my own.
  • The quick format codes is, for the most part, here:

    I'd think that the main challenge would be to come up with a good way to call up that window and have it insert text in the currently open application on any operating system, but it'd be super cool to have.
  • This would be a very useful thing to have. Word and LibreOffice are miserable in every respect except for the Zotero plugin, which is simply wonderful. I'd really like to move all of my writing to something based on Markdown (TextMate offers an extremely nice environment for working with it), but I just can't find anything as efficient for making citations as the word processor plugins.

    On the Mac, I suppose that ZotQuery offers some of this functionality, though I would still like to be able to use the native citation functionality of pandoc.
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