Proxy fails

Windows 7. Firefox 28.
The proxies in Zotero seem to be failing to connect to my university library. In consequence I can not directly download articles using the page icon in browser address box. The problem possibly started with my upgrade from firefox 27 to 28.
Example of a proxy that does not work:

Thanks, Erie
  • Could you submit a Debug ID for an attempt to save an article that you expect to also get a PDF for? I'm also not sure if you're just giving us an example of your proxy, or if that is the actual setting that you have. There is no point in proxying, since it doesn't ever have restricted access. What site are you trying to save from?
  • This is Physical Review Letters. I don't know much about proxies. The example proxy is in the Proxies setting in my Zotero, not sure how they got there though. The proxy is necessary to download articles for free at University of Pennsylvania, otherwise I would need to pay for them. I get a pop up window with Error 404 when trying to download as described in first note. I will provide the Debug as requested. Thanks.
  • (you can, btw., disable automatic proxy redirection in Zotero - it's also possible your library has changed the proxy port and the :2110 part needs to be changed - so look at how the proxied URL works when you go through the library and have Zotero's proxy feature disabled.)
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    @aurimas Actually, it can be very useful to proxy though that site is not restricted, the objects it points to often are. Using the proxy, it will redirect you to the page using your subscription.
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