Additional Fields

A few suggestions for fields that would be helpful:

- Language (important for multi-lingual collections and sometimes used in reference lists).
- Alternate Title or Secondary Title
- Short Title (for citation styles that used abbreviated titles)
- Priority (maybe 1-10, or high/medium/low, or even just a text field, so that we can sort references by priority)

Thanks again to the development team for an absolutely awesome piece of work.
  • Language and Short Title fields (the latter auto-populated on ingest if there's a colon or non-ending question mark in the title) were added in 1.0 Beta 4, now available.
  • Another useful field would be "Publisher" in Journal Article, as it would make finding the actual article location online from the information a abstract database (ISI Web of Science)
  • Perhaps "Repository," which does exist, would better meet your needs.
  • I am also interested in fields that can be used to capture information about sheet music and scores.
    Such data as:
    Composer (which author is fine)
    Score type (ala mini score, study score, full score, fulls score and part etc)
    Genre/Instrumentation, ala Opera, Full Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, String quartet, vocal choral etc.
    Movements - ala 3 movements, allegro, Largo, Andante or whatever
    also some scores are books with multiple pieces in them so some way of identifying if it is a single score or a book/series.. Or it could be a sing cycles with 8 songs in a set.. All bound so needing to identify this and which song in the set is important for citation purposes.

    There are probably many other items of info that music needs that are not necessarily covered by just calling it a book..

    Most biblio software doesn't handle music scores well.
    That said I still love Zotero
  • I am trying to implement some style-support for theses, so they are formatted like this:

    "O'Malley, D. R. 1998. Ph.D. thesis. University of California, Los Angeles."

    I noticed that the thesis-type is missing a "Place"-field (currently only a University(=publisher)-field is available). Can this field be added to the thesis item type? To get the style to include the "Ph.D. thesis"-string, I use the Type(=genre)-field, so that's not a problem.
  • Doesn't "Los Angeles" in UCLA describe both the full name of the University/publisher AND the place? How are other Universities cited (e.g. "Harvard, Cambridge")?
  • edited October 14, 2008
    Two examples found in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology:

    Skovhus, T. L. 2004. Occurrence and function of marine antifouling Pseudoalteromonas species. Ph.D. thesis. University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark.

    McInnes, A. 2002. Bradyrhizobium sp. (Lupinus) associated with serradella in Western Australia. Ph.D. thesis. The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

    And two examples from PLOS Biology:

    Krapp HG (1995) Repräsentation von Eigenbewegungen der Schmeißfliege Calliphora erythrocephala in VS-Neuronen des dritten visuellen Neuropils [PhD. Thesis]. Tübingen: University of Tübingen.

    Huston S (2005) Neural basis of a visuo-motor transformation in the fly [PhD. Thesis]. Cambridge: Cambridge Univeristy.
  • IMHO all entries should have place and publisher.

    The thing is that Location and publisher are key fields in the eye of law. It may become important information e.g. when determining who is responsible in case someone wants to sue and where that person can be sued. The location determines the court in which a law suit can be raised against the publisher (at least acconrding to laws in some countries I know of).
    E.g. in case of copyrights violation or hatespeech.

    Much needed fields.
  • In poetry, some books has Author, Editor and/or Translator. But very often, we found a different role: "compiler". It would be great have this field in Zotero.

    WordNet on "compiler": a person who compiles information (as for reference purposes).
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