Classics dissertation

I'm having trouble finding a FOOTNOTE style that I like - mousing over the styles in the repository doesn't show footnotes. I think I'm supposed to be using Chicago style for Classics, but my advisor wants author-title-date as opposed to just author-title in the Chicago (note) style. Help!
  • you can use this:
    to search for styles, but I'm not sure you'll be able to find what you want. The Chicago Manual, at least, simply doesn't describe an author-title-year style. They described notes in long form and in short form (i.e. author, short-title), as well as an in-text author-date style, but that's it.
  • Well, classicists basically make their own rules and then get very picky when you don't follow them - I don't really have the time to learn all the ins and outs of editing a style in TextEdit, any chance you can give me a shortcut?
  • I mean - the style editor I link to is basically your shortcut. May well be that you're able to find something resembling what you want using that. If not, the GUI version of the style editor is the best I can offer.
    Don't we have any of the major journals for classicists? If not, see but note that that only applies to styles used in journals or officially endorsed by scholarly associations. We don't fulfill requests for custom styles, which includes styles required by individual professors or departments.
  • It seems to me that the style editor only searches in-line citations, not footnotes. There are no classics journals in the repository, so I'll see which one fits best and request it.
  • the style editor searches footnotes as well
  • I put together a style for the Transactions of the American Philological Association based on Chicago author-date, though I didn't end up using it, so there might be a few errors. Almost nobody, though, uses author-title-year these days; it might be easier just to ask your supervisor if you can stick to a standard Chicago style, especially as it has good support for most of the weird things that you get in Classics citations. In most cases, it seems that they have suggestions, but don't really care what you do as long as you're consistent.
  • I am a classicist and I use the Journal of Hellenic Studies style.
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