Publishing a Zotero bibliography to WordPress webpage

I want to publish a large Zotero database (1000 entries) that will be frequently updated to a website that uses WordPress. Two questions:
1. I heard several years ago of an add in that would support this so that changes to the Zotero database would be reflected to the web version of the bibliography. Is this operative and current?
2. As a backup, it it possible to create an html version of a Zotero bibliograph that can be easily ported to a web document?
  • 1. Zotero has an API: . There is also a dedicated WordPress plugin (not maintained by Zotero, but afaik actively maintained):
    However, depending on how you organize your site, the API might balk: It doesn't accept individual requests for bibliographies with more than 150 items.

    2. You can just export bibliographies from Zotero in HTML format, yes. (right-click --> Create bibliography from selected items).

    See what works best for you.
  • Adamsmith, thank you. We tried the HTML format and it worked well. One question: is it possible to make a link included in the Zotero reference "live" in HTML without having to do it manually for each reference that contains a URL?
    Thank you.
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    not with Zotero, no — but this would be very easy to do with a script (just wrap the link with an <a href="" etc.), in the html, you certainly wouldn't need to do it manually.
  • @jongiff: What do you mean with "publish"? Are you making a long list of 1000 references, or?
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