highlight text on webpages before saving to zotero

  • Thank you. I will look into ZotFile.
  • Thanks Adam, i guess i'd assumed they'd all been deleted b/c we weren't allowed to highlight anymore, appreciate you clarifying that
  • I'd love to see the annotation functionality integrated with Zotero. In the mean time I have been checking out a number of tools. Crocodocs supports annotations and if I save the URL in my Zotero reference, I have the annotation capability. Still it would be nice to have something like Hypothes.is integrated. Hypothes.is has shared a Google doc with a history of annotation tools. https://docs.google.com/a/ggatin.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Am32b0H2bOCCdFgwRDh6UVIxVzI4ajdadEJVTEZkX0E#gid=0
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    +1 for ggatin suggestion. The idea of a layer applied to any content (text, image or video) on any web-sources would be awesome.
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    little feed back in 2016.

    Searching for "Web annotation". I found and tried that:

    Yellow highlighter pen for web (marker.to): It's a firefox/chrome extension, and is definitely the best. You can change highlight colors, and even copy past the whole page or the selected text (with its highlight) on a zotero note.

    It does work to copy past it in zot, but I end up with some html feature of this webpage you don't want (pictures, and fancy span tags). So I'm using this quick and dirty autohotkey script that remove the unwanted tags (except titles and the highlights) https://autohotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=13115
    (the same shortcut copy the text and remove those tags, ready to be past)

    Others web annotation apps that failed to show *any* webpage with *several highlighted* sentences:

    Diigo: It does it but... it only keep the text from the webpage, not the website layout (pictures...).

    tldrify.com: it generate a link with display the whole webpage + the highlighted text. BUT... you will only see a single highlight per generated link.

    ---So the best would be to get a mixt between tldrify.com (website layout) & Diigo (multiple highlight). Marker.to does it.

    hypothes.is: what it output is not a webpage with the highlighted text, but only a link + a caption of the highlighted text (not the full page).

    Annotator.js: (open-source) unless you use it on your own website (to highlight your text) you need to be a developer to use it on ther web (you need basically to create your own app to use it on any website).

    axiom: capture the webpage *as an image*, and edit it in their website

    Genius: it was buggy (highlighting one part remove the previous highlight)

    (Crocodoc is dead)

    Please keep this page updated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_annotation
  • Please reintroduce the highlight annotation tools! Just like Scrible.com!!! Please! I use both Scrible and Zotero but I miss a lot the highlight annotation tools
  • I opened a new thread here to track discussions around the development of webpage annotations and potential current workarounds https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/89301/feature-request-add-annotations-for-web-pages
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