Two requests

  • thanks. IIRC you need permission to add labels, I did that for you.
  • Any update or plans to include item type "Standard"? I was trying to add standards by SAE and ISO and none of the existing item types fit the bill. Just wondering if this issue is active or cold. Or, have other users have found a decent work around?
  • all field and item type updates will be in Zotero 4.2 (and it will be easier make further adjustment after 4.2 is released).
  • Perfect! So, with bated breath, how long before we get 4.2?
  • not super soon, but it really depends on how smoothly 4.1 rolls out.
  • I am having trouble inputting engineering standards into Zotero.
    And also in quoting them.
    I try to use Document, but things get scrambled depending on what standard it is, and on the Citation style.

    I realize it's not a easy task, since there is not a standard for standards....especially not US engineering standards: there are 100's of them.
    The International Classification of Standards comes the closest perhaps.

    But what about a Zotero type called Engineering Standards, with some Sub-Types?
    Some major standard types are:

    I don't know enough about Zotero to create my own template/plug-in: is there some guidance on that?

    Alan Jarvis
  • I don't think we'll add subtypes, but we can likely accommodate various forms for standards once we have a general standard item type (see above ticket and discussion).
    Right now there's really not much you can do, sorry. I'd generally recommend using "Report" until the proper item type is available.
  • It just seems a shame not to be able to import them the way we can do other items.
    One has to do it all manually.

    I've used "Report" as well as "Document", but either are very good.

    The ASTM and EN/ISO standard web pages are very structured.
    It just seems a shame there's not any way to import the data.

    I'll see how EndNote does it.
  • I think we're talking past each other. This is going to happen. There is no need to argue that is should be. It's just not yet implemented.
  • While I know it will be some time before 4.2 comes about, I thought that the following site might be valuable to the future development work, and for folks currently trying to figure out how to best cite a technical standard in Zotero:
  • Very excited (yes, actual excitement) to see this thread, although a bit worried as it's now some time after this looked like it was going to go in and no sign of it.

    I imagine that _may_ have something to do with no 4.1?

    Prey tell, what news?
  • It's about two major updates away, but it's still on the agenda
  • I would like to emphasize this. I professionally write expert engineering / air pollution control reports and would like to see zotero be used for this. Currently we type our bibliographys by hand. ...

    A translator in order to automatically import ISO/DIN/VDI standards and a dedicated document type would be helpful in the process.
  • Another year has gone. Any news on this process? Anything I can help with my limited coding skills?
  • Thank you Gracille!
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