I've been using Z. for a couple of weeks now, and have just started inputting my collection of audio recordings and music scores, which is distinctly secondary in importance to management of scholarly materials - my main interest. To my delight, Z. handles this material just as well as any other. I didn't see this coming.

Again and again I find Z. to be well-designed, profoundly functional, and simply a pleasure to use. If I had $1000 to throw at you I'd do it - I'm that happy with it. It does need some work to be more usable for those who aren't computer "power users", but that's probably the toughest hill to climb, as it were. I have found ways to use c2bib [] - a slick application to be sure - to augment Z. quite nicely. That certainly helps to fill the gap.

My work centers on public health interventions relative to the impact of psychological trauma. Having Zotero in my tool kit is clearly speeding up this work. This benefits, and will continue to benefit, many people in addition to me. Thank you for this assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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