Submitting Style: zotero-SF

I want to submit three styles especially adapted for german-speaking Zotero users in the human and social sciences.

They are derivations from Till A. Heilmann's styles: and I hope I made this clear enough by using this link:
<link href="" rel="template"/>

The links to my styles on github are:

Thanks, and I hope its useful!
  • Are your styles based on any 'official' style guides we can link to?
  • You mean like a style guide of a journal? In this case: No. Some faculties of my university use it though.
  • We're a bit hesitant to upload styles to the repository when we cannot assign them a clear name and point to some documentation describing the style.

    What university are these styles used at? Is there really nothing online describing these styles?
  • I can understand your concern. This style is, as I said, not official in the sense, that a university or a journal use it constantly.

    The problem, why I had to create this style is the following:
    Many german students and scientists (especially in human and social sciences) want to use Zotero, but they don't find a style, which is completely translated and is just working. The style of Mr. Hellmann is the only alternative for german students, but the style wasn't updated for a long while, so it didn't work properly and made mistakes.

    In Germany, every university, every faculty, sometimes even every prof. has his own preferred citation style for homework's and thesis. But most of the times, as a student, they accept if you use any style, but use it constantly in your paper. Just all the other styles I tried, where not translated properly or didn't fit to common german citation rules. So I adapted the style of TIll Hellmann to a more or less "works in every situation for a german student"-style. :)

    I think it would be great to have at least another well working up-to-date style especially for the growing german market of Zotero. And furthermore, I'm ready to update the style, if there are mistakes or problems. I want to create a documentation for this style on my website as well. Maybe you can tell me, which informations are important, or maybe give me a link to an existing documentation.

    Would this make it easier to upload it to the repository?
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    I contacted Till Heilmann to ask if we could use your styles to replace his.
  • Knowing the German citation mess somewhat, I understand Ikarus' motivation. We do, actually, have a couple more German styles - Harvard 7-de, Harvard-Institut für Praxisforschung as well as a couple of footnoted ones and some hybrids like the HWR style.

    If the style is an across the board improvement over Till's style, we should substitute it. Otherwise, if we want more variety in German styles, I think the way to go would be to do what the Institut für Praxisforschung style does - the author found a useful, well documented style guide and went with that, even though the Institut is a pretty obscure institution. I'd be happy to put up (though not code) styles for individual faculties or even individual Lehrstühle as long as they have documented rules.
  • It's not exactly just improvements on Till Heilmann's style, its also changing many of his options. So I'd wonder if a substitution from his side would be good idea.

    I'm ready to document the style as good as possible.

    I'd even try to ask one of my faculty members, if they'd accept this style as an official style for them, but this last option I can't promise that it works out, because as adamsmith told: Citationwise its a mess in Germany.
    Still some variety would be good for users as well as Zotero's standing in Germany, as long there are not more than 50 diff. styles with no obvious difference.
  • I have a style for the Historisches Seminar, Heidelberg, currently being tested. No online style guide, but I got sent a scanned version of the paper guide and will put the style up once it has been confirmed as useful. That should add to the stock of available, fairly generic styles.
  • I tried both SF-Geisteswissenschaft and SF-Sozialwissenschaft and neither seems valid. Zotero protested in both cases and wouldn't let me export a bibliography nor use either style in Word.
  • I'll check it... I validated them, but changed little things in the header afterwards.
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    If I remember correctly, Zotero might dislike the XML comment on line 2 prior to the root cs:style element.

    (edit: )
  • First check:
    Under, with the raw files from github, I get:
    "The document validates according to the specified schema(s) and to additional constraints checked by the validator."

    Second check with newly installed styles, downloaded from githib: The test-pane in Firefox shows me, that the styles work as expected.

    Third check: I inserted citations in Word. Just works.

    I used: Mac OS 10.7, Firefox 10.0.1, Zotero 3.01, and Word 14.1.14
    What did you (simifilm) use?
  • What can I do to to correct that?
  • My setup: Mac OSX 10.7.3, Firefox 10.0.1, Zotero 3.0.3, Zotero Word for Mac Integration 3.1.10 and Word 14.1.4.
  • Deleted.
    @simifilm: Could you try it again with the corrected styles on github?
  • I'll try to update Zotero and the Word integration. Everything else is the same (actually I also use 10.7.3)
  • @simifilm, are you downloading the styles by clicking the "raw" link and saving them with a *.csl extension?
  • @Rintze: The file itself certainly seems correct. And Zotero doesn't complain when I install it. I only get the error if I want to use it.
  • I updated Zotero to 3.03, reinstalled with the fresh versions from github (wish was offline for 5 min.), and still I have no problems with the style in any moment of the workflow.
  • Oh, Firefox is now on 10.0.2 :)
  • @rinze: How will the decision process about adding the style continue?
  • We would ask you to put some documentation of the style online so that there is some reference document that people can refer to and then come up with a useful name for the style - we could just add it as another numbered Harvard-de for example.
  • Alright, I will prepare the documentation and think about a useful name.
    Is there a good a example for a well done documentation?
  • The stuff that OWL puts out is good:
    but don't feel the need to go into a lot of detail as they do - if we have a rule and an example for each relevant item type that should be enough. We don't want you spend hours on a styleguide.
    Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (JOMS) zotero style

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    Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (JOMS) Zotero style submitted here

    JOMS style
  • Could you make sure your style validates? There seem to be some copy-and-paste errors in the file you put online.
  • Hi Guys, longtime no see. Finally I documented one of the styles. Is this the way it should be?

    Finally, could the style become part of the repository?
  • Looks good. I added the Geisteswissenschaften style from your initial post to the style repository. I changed a few things in the style metadata and added a link to the documentation:
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