Submitting Style: zotero-SF

  • Yeahi, thank you!
    I will prepare the next style in the following week.
  • Hi there,

    after some emails from users I updated the citation style for the humanities and added some functions to it.

    - I have added functionality for "entry-encyclopedia". Column locators instead of pages are supported.
    - The bibliography is now sorted by author, then year and lastly by title, after some users asked for this via email.
    - I corrected some translations.
    - I corrected and updated the documentation.
    - I added terms for CSL 1.0.1
    - It's now possible to change from em-dash to regular dash for the pages.

    For the other citation styles (social sciences and "library"), I won't develop them any further, I think it's better to focus on the development of this style, which seems to be popular in Germany.
    For the social sciences, the APA style is very good, it only has some translation problems. (Is there a way to help correcting them?)

    So here is the new version for the humanities:

    Could you please update the version in the style repository with this version?

    Thank you so much!
  • could you follow method A here:
    makes it much easier for us to review&accept styles and since you already have a github account it's super easy for you.

    As for APA style - I believe the only thing that currently isn't localized are law terms, if there are problems in localized translations (i.e. the German is wrong) please do list them in a new thread, yes.
  • I followed the instructions. Looked like a lot of green and red. :)
    For APA I will write a new post!

  • Hi guys,
    I got feedback from a user, that he gets this error with the updated style:
    "Ein Fehler ist beim Update Ihres Dokuments aufgetreten. this.and.single is undefined"
    Probably it's the same problem as here:
    Do you have an idea? Maybe it's because I removed some of the translated terms?
  • shouldn't be the case - removing translated terms just has them fall back to the default. If that's not translated in the German locale, it would fall back to English.

    fbennett and/or Simon will need to look at this, likely in the other thread.
  • Thank you, I will follow you there.
  • I've got another feedback from an user, who can't generate bibliographies with my style:
    If he is selecting a book (only happens with greek letters!), right click for bibliography, choose my style and then "copy paste", Zotero shows: "Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten bei dem Versuch, das Literaturverzeichnis zu erstellen. Bitte erneut versuchen."
    It works well with other styles. In console, Firefox shows "invalid context".
    Do you have an idea, what is wrong?

    I created a report ID: 1935265512

    [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: redeclaration of const INTEGRATION_TYPE_ITEM" {file: "chrome://zoteroquicklook/content/zoteroquicklook.js" line: 2}]

    [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this.and.single is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/citeproc.js" line: 8296}]
  • Is it maybe related to this?
    I created a gist with an example:
  • Sorry for missing your earlier report. You've hit a processor bug which I'll fix as soon as possible. I won't need a report ID or debug ID, but please start a fresh thread for this one, and indicate which style is involved.
  • Thanks a lot. Here is the new tread:
  • edited November 10, 2013
    Found the bug. It was an obscure one: an internal rendering operation (for one of the "and" term forms) was being blocked inside macros that render a date.

    The bug has been fixed in the processor patch plugin. The plugin works only in Zotero for Firefox (not with Standalone). Its only effect is to swap in the latest version of the citation processor. You can and should uninstall the plugin at the next Zotero update.

    Let us know how it goes.
  • I'm glad you found the bug!
  • Oh, and: The fix works perfectly!
  • edited February 14, 2015
    I updated zoteroSF (foerster-geisteswissenschaft) and added some new functions:
    - The types "thesis", "article" and "manuscript" are now supported.
    - The short title of journal will be used, if available. So the option to chose automatic shortening via Medline is visible in the doc pref settings.
    - URL is visible not only on the types "webpage" and "thesis", but also on "article", "article-magazine", "article-newspaper", "article-journal", and "manuscript".

    The gist is updated here (of course I validated it):

    By the way, I created a new website for the style:

    Could you help me to put it into the repository? Thanks a lot!
  • We've made very easy to follow -- would much appreciate if you go that way, makes it much easier for us to review the actual changes.
  • Sorry, of course. I just started a pull request.
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