APA 6 -> Complete first name in Bibliography

Hello. I would like to get a small change in APA 6. I want the first name being complete in bibliography, or complete name being shown as it is in zotero database.
In place of:
Silva, J. (1998).
I want to get:
Silva, José (1998).
If you are a teacher, there makes absolutely no sense to hide from students the name of an author.
I presume it is not that hard to make this change in bibliography. There are many "Silva, José (1998)." styles but, as far as I can see, none follow the other APA 6 rules.
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    Inside the style, you will find a line <macro name="author"> at around line 67. Two lines below that there is a line <name name-as-sort-order="all" and="symbol" sort-separator=", " initialize-with=". " delimiter=", " delimiter-precedes-last="always"/>. Remove the initialize-with bit and the value that follows it. Then change the ID and style name, following the instructions here.
  • It is going nicely, thanks.
    Even so, now in place of
    Silva, J. (1998).
    I get
    Silva, José. (1998).
    while I want to get
    Silva, José (1998).
    The point "." after the name, can probably be related with the sufix in next line, but how to delete it?
  • it's a suffix, but not where you think it is - way down, in the <bibliography> section of the style you'll see
    <text macro="author" suffix="."/>
    change that to
    <text macro="author"/>
  • It is working great now. Thank you.
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