Save image as ARTWORK-ITEM (not attachment)

I often save images (paintings, photos, illustrations, etc.) from the web to add to my collections as a document in itself, not just to attach it to something helse.
In Zotero, when I select one image and click on the right button, I can "save image as Zotero snapshot" wich add it in Zotero as "Attachment" for TYPE of item, with no fields to describe it. Wich is very similar to considere image as a "note" attached to something else...

I will really appreciate if I could select an image and save it as an item "Zotero with ARTWORK as TYPE" (artwork seems the most relevant type for images).
Like that, I could make a complete bibliographic description of it, and attach it to some others documents, if I like it.

I know that infos about images published on the web are usually very poor, and incomplete. I have already hundreds named 128090.jpg, 2097965.jpg, etc., what is very useless as you know.
It's why I will very appreciate if Zotero can help me to save images as "real" document-item with full and complete bibliographic informations.

"Save image as Zotero ArtworkType?" YES!

  • As you noted information about images on the web is, in general, very poor. With some sites, like flickr, that have excellent metadata it makes sense to build translators. But I am not convinced that "Save image as Zotero ArtworkType?" would really offer added functionality. You will get the same information with the "create item from current page" function that you would with the proposed "Save image as Zotero ArtworkType?" option. Instead of taking a a snapshot why not use "create item from current page." This will create a item with the attached snapshot and the full metadata pane. Then simply switch that item from the webpage item type to artwork and add any relevant information.
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