Snapshot Highlighter and Notes

Using Chrome with SA and connector installed I take a snapshot of a website. Where would I find the tools for highlighting and note taking on the snapshot similar to the FF extension?


Wm. Hill
  • Annotation and highlighting functionality is no longer maintained and doesn't sync with the server. Annotation support may return in another form in a future version.
    (Dan Stillman in:
  • Not sure I understand. My current FF version has the highlighting and notes feature with no issue.
  • Sorry: I meant that I'm not sure that highlighting feature does exist in SA version. This has to be confirmed.
  • correct, these don't exist in the SA version and they're no longer maintained on FF.
  • That is really too bad. It was one of my favorite features.

    Still, a great program regardless.
  • edited January 9, 2012
    Ack. This makes me very sad. I used the feature often :-(

    Does anyone know of a program that will make such simple highlights? There are many programs that allow annotations if they can save their own copy of the file in another place but to work with Zotero I think it needs to change the file in the correct Zotero directory. I'm not opposed to clicking "Show File" and then opening the file with another program if the program works well. Yes I know I can edit the raw html but that is too inconvenient for my taste. Maybe a graphical html editor will work for now?
  • Since the annotations never synced, any other annotation software would likely work - libretexto might be an option that even works for pdfs (though requires Firefox, too, I think).
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