Why not full TinyMCE function

I am wondering why don't you put all the functionality of tinyMCE, like insert image, table, etc.?
  • Please no. I absolutely hate every application I've ever used with a full WYSIWYG toolbar. This is for note-taking; not document authoring.
  • Is that any possibility that someone make a table in note to make some comparison?
    I am not sure whether adding some other features that are readily available in TinyMCE (such as: table, picture, etc) will slow down the process.
    regards - stef.
  • I just found this thread because I am using Zotero for the first time, and the first thing I did when trying to start a note is to try to figure out how to make a table - since, well, this is the structure I use for 99% of all my note taking (I used to take notes in Excel, then in google docs spreadsheets, and then, I was hoping, in Zotero...)

    It looks like it's easy to add the button to TinyMCE - if I could find where to modify settings for it when it's being called from Zotero...? I'd be happy going and modifying code myself just to make it appear...
  • It looks like it's easy to add the button to TinyMCE - if I could find where to modify settings for it when it's being called from Zotero...?

  • Hi,
    I would like to have the modified copy if someone add "insert table" and "insert image".
    Thank you.
    regards - stef
  • I'd be interested if someone successfully customizes the TinyMCE editor. I've tried a few times without success. I believe some features require additional TinyMCE code that is not packaged with zotero.

    As for necessary functionality, I agree with bdarcus that complex formatting ought to be done elsewhere.

    HOWEVER, (IMO) some really basic functionality is missing: paste without formatting and search/replace. These are impemented by TinyMCE and I'd be happy just turning them on via a hack, but so far I haven't been able to get it to work.
  • I'm interested in adding right-to-left support for the note editor (for languages like Hebrew).
    I saw TinyMCE supports this, but adding 'rtl' and 'ltr' buttons in the note.html didn't work.

    Any ideas?
  • bump.

    See my post above - I realize this is not a full-blown word processor but people have various editing requirements and it'd be great if we could figure out how to hack the additional functionality of TinyMCE.
  • BUMP?

    i could use a RTL button. why don't you just add the ability to expand tinyMCE in the preferences?
  • Actually I've figured out how to hack TinyMCE and have been meaning to post about it. Will try to do it tomorrow, or at least by the end of the week. This will provide a work-around, at least for more technical users, for some of these issues.
  • thanks!, but to redo this for every new version of zotero is a pain, and out of reach for many users ,because too difficult to implement. Wouldn't it be possible that full tiny-mce functionality can be added as a preference (maybe a hidden pref?). Search in the notes is really a must
  • Works great.
  • Alexuw, thank you for your great work. However, it is very difficult to change it everytime there is a new update of zotero. The best is to make a preference.
  • Agree. Full functionality pref option please.
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