Check if a Feed item is already in My Library

edited September 13, 2022
When I go through my Feeds, I will identify a few papers that I would like to have in My Library. But for some of them, I might have already found them and added them to my library, either through the feed, or from other source (email notifications, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, ...). What is the best way to check if the item is already in my library to avoid generating a duplicate item?

1) If I click twice in a row on "Add to "My Library"", the item is added twice into my library. I was hoping that this could be avoided, with Zotero telling my that this specific item in the feed was already added to my library through this same process:
- Either prevent the second addition to my library,
- Or at least display clearly that the item was already added to my library, if someone really wants to create a duplicate item.
This "already added status" should be visible from the central pane of the Feeds (similar to a coloured tag maybe?) or at least from the right side pane. It should also be refreshed when reloading the feed, so that it does not show anymore if the added item was deleted in my library.

2) I have also tried to copy some metadata to search my library. But this is also not possible. Would it be possible to allow copying the metadata from the right side pane in the Feeds?

3) Ideally, it would be nice to have some basic search for all Feeds items to search if they are already in my library. For example by searching by Title or by DOI. There could be false identifications, so the search results could be displayed below as an indication. This could be done automatically for all feeds items, or triggered manually.

4) Another way would be to allow opening the feeds in a separate window with the full functionality of the library tab. So something similar to this post:
I am using multiple monitors, so I could quickly search the other window to see if the item is already in my library.

Please let me know if I have missed some ways to avoid duplicates when adding items from Feeds to My Library.

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