Style Request: British Journal of Cancer (2020)

Zotero currently has British Journal of Cancer (2014-12-03 05:41:19), but a later version of the citation style has been released (2020-05-05). This style is available on Endnote at the following link (

British Journal of Cancer ( ISSN 1532-1827 (online) ISSN 0007-0920 (print)

Note that the British Journal of Cancer actually recommends the Vancouver style format instead of the BJC style in the Guide to Authors ( However, another journal Nature Modern Pathology have recently begun to require the new BJC style available in Endnote. It would be helpful if this style were also available in Zotero.

Example references for journal and book chapter follow

In-text citation:

23. Campbell J L, Pedersen O K. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies, 40(3), 307–332 (2007)
24. Mares I. Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In P. A. Hall & D. Soskice (Eds.), Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage (pp. 184–213). New York: Oxford University Press. (2001)
  • EndNote styles can not be used in Zotero.

    What are the errors/changes?
    Then we can get a fix up much quicker.
  • Hello!
    I have just been informed that Nature Modern Path will not be using the British Journal of Cancer (2020) style for much longer, as they are switching to another more widely used style, so that makes the main motivation for this request irrelevant.

    I think it's ok to disregard this request. Sorry to waste your time!
  • Once you know which one, come back here and we'll create a dependent style.
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