Zotero is very slow

edited August 4, 2022

I've been working with several Zotero collections for a while. Zotero became very very slow, and I was thinking that maybe the number of duplicate references was the reason for this issue. I removed them (which took like 5 full days and nights- using the JS code given by @ marcelparciak in this discussion: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/40457/merge-all-duplicates).

Now my Library has approx. 15.000 items (mostly Journal Articles or Book Chapters).

Zotero standalone is still very very slow : it can take up to 5 minutes to open, does not sync because of freezing, sometimes does not respond at all with a windows message, the pointers turns to the 'loading' circle, etc. etc.). There are also some bugs, for instance manual tags i just added do not appear.

I need Zotero to organize my refs atm. I use it on two pcs, PC1 has my 'clean' library with all duplicates removed (problems are 100% solved but wasn't able to sync), and I used this technique (https://aut.ac.nz.libguides.com/zotero/backup#:~:text=Save your Zotero directory to,your USB, as a backup.) to have my 'clean' library on PC2. No both PCs libraries are as I want them to be, and I would be really happy to upload my changes to the online library, but for some reason it does not work (note that zotero was not able to sync before the use of this trick).

I try to keep my CPU/RAM free for Zotero to be able to run correctly, but it uses a lot of my computer resources (memory: 2441.3Mo when nothing is processing and the Zotero standalone is just open). This is beginning to affect my ability to work on other tasks and I wonder if I will ever be capable of working normally with Zotero like I was before this massive (and necessary) ref import.

Any tips/help?
Thx in advance!

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