Copy attached link to URI

I am trying to clean up some of the items metadata in my library.
In some cases, the correct URL was saved to an attached link, while a wrong URL was saved to the URL in the Info pane.

I understand that it is not possible to edit an attached link to URI:

I wanted to copy the link to move it to the URL metadata. I have tried:
- Copy from Edit menu when the link child item is selected
- Copy with Ctrl + C when the link child item is selected
- Left click anywhere in the right pane
- Right click on the URL
- Right click on the link child item
None of these gave me the ability to copy the link.

Clicking on the link will open it in a browser. I can then copy the link from the browser. But in many cases the original link is expended when opening. So I cannot copy the original link, but only the expanded one from the browser.
For more exotic URIs, it may not open in a browser, so I would not be able to copy the URI after clicking on it.

The only way that was working was to go to the online library from a browser, right click on the URL link, and select copy URL from there.

This is a tiny issue. I still report it in case it can be fixed easily.
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