copying url of web page from a snapshot

I just started using zotero today, and I'm quite excited about it. Maybe there's a way to do this, but I don't yet see how.
When I've selected a web page in the central column, the url is visible in the right pane, but I can't seem to copy it, and since I took a snapshot rather than the link, the url shown in firefox when I click the link is the local url to the file on my local filesystem. So, I can't just click the link and then copy it from the firefox url bar.
I can drag the item from the central Zotero pane into an email message for example, and the url as well as the title and the accessed date appear, which is cool, but then if I just want the url, I need to delete those two extraneous pieces of data.
Any ideas?
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    After writing a related post (, Noksagt suggested:
    "Rather than just taking a snapshot, why don't you "create new item from current page?" This will create a bibliographic record of the web page & will have a snapshot as a child of that record."
    which solves this problem as well, as I wrote below:

    Thanks. That works. I think it would be useful for many of us newbies to add this method to the Zotero section of the documentation which discusses ways to add info at
    I also think this method might work for photos, so that I can store the name of the photographer. Again, adding this suggestion into the documentation might help many of us.
    This method also solves a problem I posted about separately: how to copy and paste just the original url of the item.
  • Ability to copy the URL of a snapshot is still a reasonable request. Ticket created.
  • Hopefully this will allow copying of the URL for links as well as snapshots.
    The only way I can copy a link currently seems to be to go to the page in the
    browser and grab it from the address bar - although hopefully I've missed
    an easier way...
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