Can't install Zotero Connector in Firefox 103

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  • @dstillman I have a brand new Macbook pro, brand new installation of Firefox, had installed the connector for zotero, but it wasn't working in Google docs, I had noticed that this was also happening recently on my older Mac Book Pro where I had installed the connector 2 years ago and keep things updated--it suddenly stopped working properly. It appears the Zotero connector recently was updated? I also am having the exact problem described where I no longer get any response from the Zotero download button for Firefox. Something fundamental seems to have changed. I will try uninstalling firefox and reinstalling to see if it matters. I am running Mac Os Monterey v12.5. Thanks for suggestions!
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    @emquardokus: No, that wouldn't have anything to do with us. Again, it's a standard Firefox extension. If you're having trouble installing a Firefox extension, it's a problem in your Firefox installation.

    Edit: Actually, wait, sorry, something did just break on the installation page in the latest Firefox. (Nothing to do with the previous post from 2019.) We're investigating.
  • @emquardokus: Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.
  • @dstillman, I reinstalled firefox, but it still wasn't auto-eliciting the download. I noticed the download url in the bottom of my browser so I control clicked and copied url and pasted it into a new window and then it elicited the download. The connector works now again. Now that I have it installed, interestingly if I click on the button on for download of connector it now pops a dialog "Allow to install an add-on? You are attempting to install an add-on from Make sure you trust this site before continuing Lear more about installing add-ons safely. Then provides options Don't allow and continue with installation". It did NOT give this PRIOR to installing the connector using the method I described first above. So... not sure what that means. UPDATE: sorry just seeing your second message about "fixed and should be fine." I think we just crossed with my two attempts at installs. THANKS for the fix!!
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