Windows 11 Report Issues

In Windows 11, the current stable version of Zotero (6.0.8) seems to have various issues when trying to generate reports. See for instance this screenshot.

On the left is what I get when I generate a Zotero report from a Windows 10 machine. On the right is what I get when I do the same from a Windows 11 machine. On the Windows 11 machine, I've disabled all addons for good measure.

Among the differences in the Windows 11 report,

- there isn't a "Select in Zotero" link given,
- the attached links don't get linked in the report, and
- there are differences in the two reports that prevent the same CSS from being applied to both to produce the same results.

Would anyone have suggestions for how I might sort things out on Windows 11 so I can get the same reports from Zotero there as I can get on Windows 10?

Thanks so much!
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