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  • (that is: a lower priority number in the translator which means it has higher priority ;)
  • :) ok, this sounds even better than I imagined. So the CSL issue is not really one.
  • @SixWang is the townhall for developers/contributors, or users as well?
  • Same question as @kavana. Happy to participate as an end user, and as a potential crowdfunded contributor.
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    In China, when preparing a manuscript in Chinese, the citation for literature in English and Chinese is something like (Smith et al., 2020; 张三等, 2020), where "等" is "et al." Now the standard CSL seems not to support this kind of citation.

    I have a style file, which supports that kind of citation, the related part is as follows:

    <layout locale="en" prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter=", ">
    <layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter=", ">

    However, CSL validator indicated the code was not valid for CSL 1.0.2.

    Any hints?
  • I can't see the code, but anything you'd do to make this work would use csl-m features and therefore indeed not be valid CSL 1.0.2 -- doesn't mean it doesn't work, but we wouldn't accept it to the repo
  • well, is there a way that could do the same thing using CSL 1.0.2?
  • No, there is not, that was my point
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