[feature request] mouse hover preview or 2-line title view (wrap text view) for items in library

edited August 23, 2022

I am new to Zotero and I am currently learning how to use the software.

One feature I am seeking is the ability to wrap titles of items in my library so that the entire title is visible in the main pane instead of only the item pane.

For example, many journal articles have long titles that are unlikely to fit on 1 line given the available user interface space on the screen. In order to make it easier to read titles, I would like to see titles wrap around on the screen to create a 2-line title view for item titles, journal names, author names, etc.

If this feature is not already available, I think adding this feature would greatly improve readability when browsing items in the Zotero library.
  • Same here having to deal with papers with really long titles. Would appreciate the addition of a text wrap feature in the table of entries.
  • I want to modify this feature request by suggesting that instead of 2-line title view, there could instead be a feature that shows the full title of an entry if the user hovers over the entry in their library.

    This hover option might also be useful to show authors, journal, etc and would basically serve as a preview for an entry without having to click on it.
  • +1 for this option
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