Wrong date format when exporting

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  • I just have the same problem, but a bit more severe since I change it and after a while, it comes back (I guess it keeps updating). Can I have a more structural solution for this?
  • @TomZohar: Not sure what you mean here. Can you step back and explain exactly what you're doing and what's happening?
  • Sure. I have used the zotero chrome plugin to add the following news article to my zotero:

    When I did that, it automatically put in the "Date" information the following:"2016-03-31T06:39:36.06636Z"

    When I cite it on latex, it shows the following: (Gal, 2016-03-31T06:39:36.06636Z).

    When I try manually to change this I can do it, but it keeps coming back to the long format probably due to some automatic syncing.

    I hope this is clear.
  • How exactly are you going from Zotero to LaTeX?
    That date gets exported as date = "{2016-03-31}, in BibLaTeX and as
    year = 2016,
    month = "mar.",
    in BibTeX, so there's no trace of the timestamp in either.
  • I export the zotero to a bib file using the Better BibTex Format. In the bib file it says:

    title = {{Abortion Pill Was Approved for Use Three Months Past Conception}},
    shorttitle = {{"בשורה לנשים"}},
    author = {Gal, Itay},
    year = {2016-03-31T06:39:36.06636Z},
    journal = {Ynet},
    abstract = {מינהל המזון והתרופות האמריקני החליט להאריך את התקופה המותרת לגלולת ההפלות, מ-49 ימים אחרי הפסקת הווסת, ל-70 יום אחרי הפסקת הווסת. המשמעות: ניתן יהיה באמצעותה לבצע הפלה גם בחודש השלישי להריון. מומחה ישראלי: "בשורה גדולה לנשים"},
    langid = {hebrew},
    file = {/Users/tomzohar/Zotero/storage/5HE9KIZX/0,7340,L-4785472,00.html}
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    We can only help with the built-in formats here. For help with BBT, you'll need to post to the BBT GitHub.

    If you have a problem with one of the built-in formats, provide an example from that.
  • (I can replicate this in BBT, though, and the date exports correctly in stock Zotero BibTeX, so definitely do report to BBT)
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