reformat date?

A typical date for magazine article shows as 2015-08-15T00:00:00+0000. Is it possible to get rid of the T00:00:00+0000? Also is possible to reformat to 08-15-2018? My useragent setting is en-US.
  • We'd need an example URL.
  • (The timestamp can certainly be removed, but dates are generally saved as YYYY-MM-DD from translators to avoid ambiguity when parsing. A future update will display a locale-appropriate date when the date field is parsed cleanly, however.)
  • Can you tell me how to remove the time stamp?
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    You can just edit the field to remove the timestamp for an individual item, if that's what you mean. I'm saying we can fix it to not save them.
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    Your example saves as "2018-03-11T20:28:00.000Z". Were you saying something was actually being saved with a literal "T00:00:00+0000", or did you just mean that a timestamp was being included?

    We'll certainly display this in a more locale-appropriate manner in a future version, as I say, but if a timestamp is available I don't think we would remove that.
  • The time stamp is invariably "T00:00:00+0000", so it provides no useful information. I'll just edit it out when I cite the reference. Thanks for your responsiveness.
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    That's not what we're seeing. Can you provide a Debug ID from the connector for a save of the above page that results in a "T00:00:00+0000" timestamp?

    Also, what citation style are you using that's actually including the time in references? None of the major styles do. (I'm not actually sure if any do, at least for newspaper articles.)
  • We actually can't display the time in citation styles even if we wanted to.
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