Black shade on the figures when opening pdf by Zotero. Report ID: 942401037

Report ID: 942401037

It's not for all papers, but some figures will be covered by black shade at the topleft corner when opening the pdf by Zotero. It apears normally when using system default pdf reader.

I don't know how to attach pictures in this discussion. Here is an example paper that has this problem: doi:10.1016/j.trb.2011.02.004.
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    This would be a compatibility issue with your graphics card. Updating your graphics drivers might help, or, if you have any sort of control panel for your graphics card, setting it to treat Zotero the same way as Firefox could help. Otherwise, for now, go to Preferences → Advanced → Config Editor and set layers.acceleration.disabled to true, which will make graphics performance in Zotero a bit slower but should fix this.

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