Unable to download papers using Zotero chrome extension

edited May 19, 2022

Recently I've been unable to download/save papers using the Zotero chrome extension properly. When I do, in red font there is a big cross and it says "X Full Text PDF" and although the web link is on my Zotero programme, I cannot access the actual PDF version. I thought it was because I had run out of storage but I have double checked this and I indeed still have storage.

My report ID is 1796471270
  • I have just retried downloading another paper from another journal and this has been able to download fine, then I retried the original paper (that didn't work yesterday) and it still continues to not work.
  • Can you provide 1) an example URL and 2) a Debug ID from Zotero for a save that fails?

    (As long as you have the desktop app, Zotero always saves locally, so storage is irrelevant here.)
  • Hi, thanks so much for responding so quickly!

    Here is the example URL https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1760273410000056

    and this is the debug ID: D1530740676
  • It appears it is for links from sciencedirect.com
  • Elsevier has some over-zealous anti-bot defenses on ScienceDirect that make it much harder for Zotero to download PDFs than on other sites, even when you have subscription-based access. We have a special method specifically for this purpose, but it may fail intermittently and potentially needs a longer timeout. If you reload the page, make sure nothing else is running on your computer, and try again, does it fail every time? Is this a particularly slow computer?
  • I've tried reloading the page with nothing else opened and it still fails. It's not the slowest of computers and all other papers are very quickly and easily downloaded by Zotero.
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