PDF attachment changed location after upgrading the latest Zotero edtion

I upgrade my Zotero this morning and find some file attachment (PDF) cannot be opened and found anymore.

Debug ID: D1765300014
  • Nothing to do with updating. You're just at your file storage quota, as I told you in another thread, so files aren't syncing between your computers.
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    @YYZQ: It looks like you've since used "Purge Storage in My Library" online, but all that does is remove all the files from your online library. It doesn't somehow let you sync more files in your personal library. You would only use that option if you wanted to disable file syncing for My Library and use your file storage quota for groups.

    If you're actually trying to sync files in your personal library, you'll need to use Sync → Reset → Reset File Sync History on any computers where you've synced before. If you hit your Zotero Storage quota again and want to continue syncing through Zotero servers, you'll need to add a storage subscription.
  • @dstillman : Thanks for your prompt reply! Actually I solved the problem I raised yesterday, and this time I met a totally new one which I think is different from the last one.
    This time, the problem doesn't happen on my ios device (Device B), but on my PC (Device A), which I 've been using and downloading files using local storage. After this morning's upgrading, those previously saved PDFs cannot be found and opened via my PC. I suppose this may be caused by my changing the sync option to WebDV and some unexpected bugs happened. This problem has never happened before, so I guess it's not Zotero's fault. Luckily, I didn't lose many files and most of them can be downloaded if I need in the future. :)
  • I know what happened. I have two paths/location for data saving (I don't know how this happened), and those "lost" files can be found in the path which is not the selected path in Zotero preference setting. Now, when I need to open the "lost" PDF, I can relocate them through the previously used saving path.

    Here is the process: Debug ID: D1685660447
  • I try replicating files in the previously used folder and pasting them in the existing preferred file folder. This does work well and all my "lost" PDFs come back.
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