drag-and-drop sources into collections w/o opening collection

I have a large collection of sources and am going through and re-filing each source into different collections. As I drag and drop each source into a new collection, sometimes the collection that I am dropping it into opens up. This is incredibly frustrating because it means that I have to click back on the large collection that I am working through and scroll down to find the source I had just finished moving. It seems to happen randomly and not because I held the source over the new collection tab too long. Is there any way to fix zotero so that when someone is dragging and dropping it won't open up the collection that it is being dropped into?
  • Could you produce a Debug ID from Zotero for a drop that changes collections? You can enable debug logging and log until you reproduce the drop that caused the collections to switch? Are you using a mouse or a touchpad?
  • I just performed the action and here's the debug ID: D1897239516
    I am using a touchpad. Thanks so much for your help!
  • Unless you can reproduce this with a mouse it's likely that you are accidentally clicking/tapping the touchpad when you drop the items which is what's causing the collection to switch.
  • unfortunately, I don't own a mouse to use to test. The problem only began occurring after the new zotero version was updated, and I have been careful to not click or tap the touchpad when dropping, but with no luck.
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