Setting the default zoom level

Is there a way to make zoom to page height the default? I couldn't find anything in the preferences. I also searched the forums, and the ability to customize the default zoom setting has been mentioned before, but always alongside other requests and the conversations seem to focus on the other issues.

Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for zoom to page height?
  • Bump. This missing feature is the main reason I still prefer Skim for desktop reading.

    On a mac, you can create a custom keyboard shortcut under System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. But the shortcut sometimes doesn't work until you click the view.

    Using BetterTouchTool's "Trigger Menubar" action, I was able to create shortcuts that always work. As an added bonus, you can create one shortcut that sets both the page height/width and the spread in one go (two menubar actions)
  • I should add that this request is partly motivated by the fact that "Automatic Resize" doesn't always fit to page and I was hoping for an easy way (either by default or keyboard shortcut) of doing so.
  • I also want to have a choice to set default zoom.
  • I would also like this option.
  • For discussion purposes, what zoom would most people set as their default? I find the automatically resize option to be closest to my preference.
  • I would prefer Zoom to Page Height. For me, Automatically Resize is inconsistent across PDFs and across devices.
  • +1 on there being a toolbar icon for "Zoom to page height" (which, btw, strikes me as an unusual way to put it; something like "Zoom to Fit" is more typical to my mind). I also wouldn't mind an icon for "Automatically resize".
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    This comment probably belongs elsewhere.
    When you scroll using mouse with View set to "Zoom to Page Height" shouldn't it scroll one page at time instead of continuous scrolling? Also, it doesn't make sense to see part of the next page with this View setting.
  • I'd like to be able to set the default for the viewing options as a setting. That way one could choose whatever they prefer.
  • Re-affirming my support for some kind of "show whole page" button option. "Fit width" is nice, but not my usual way of looking through docs.
  • +1 for an icon and shortcut for "Zoom to fit", with "Zoom to page height" as my 2nd preference. Or give us both! :)
  • +1 for this preference.
  • +1 for this preference
  • +1 for this please
  • +1 for this, would be awesome
  • Would definitely be great!
  • +1 for this feature request.

    Following might also be nice ideas for the devies
    - just save the current setting so that Zotero remembers it the next time it is opened
    - apply the current settings over all the tabs.

  • really looking forward to the zoom and scrolling improving in the reader.
    + set default view options
    + disable continuous scroll with zoom to page height
    + also not switch to other zoom settings when running a search in a document
  • Any work on creating one of the suggestions made above, like a "Zoom to page height" button?

  • +1 for this feature request.
  • +1, please.
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