Word plugin not responsive

I have been having a problem similar to the one reported here:

Clicking on add/edit citation, refresh, or any other button within the Word plugin simply takes me to Zotero's main window. No refreshing, or adding or editing of citations, showing document preferences, etc. happen. I can start a new, empty document, but no difference. Restarting Zotero solves the problem, but it has a habit of happening again within a day or two.

Here is the debug ID D169587045, which simply says request is already in progress, regardless of what I do, even if I go away for a while and come back.

To show that no Zotero citation dialog or other window actually is hiding anywhere, I recorded my entire screen for the whole process: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jvq3jdfx6sz326n/Screen Recording 1.mov?dl=0

I have also seen a lot of activity of going through my cited items when I work on really long documents even when I disable autoupdating of citations in Word, and that slows down adding citations, which started happening around the same time, but is probably unrelated.

Working with latest stable Zotero 6.0.4 on Mac OS 10.14.6.
  • This isn't a new bug per se. You could always get Zotero stuck in such a state if you e.g. opened the citation dialog, then closed the document that invoked it (or closed Word completely), then closed the citation dialog. Zotero is unable to finish the citing transaction in that case and gets stuck waiting for a response from a document that is now gone. Unless you have found a different way to reliably cause this we will be unable to investigate it.
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