Source of binaries in zotero-standalone-build

I'm trying to get zotero running on linux-aarch64. With minimum modification and hacks, it seems to be working fairly well so far. The main change needed was to just find an aarch64 build of firefox to download, which I did with

+ curl -OL ""
+ rm -rf firefox-aarch64{,-tmp}
+ mkdir firefox-aarch64-tmp
+ cd firefox-aarch64-tmp
+ ar x ../firefox-esr_60.9.0esr+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1_arm64.deb
+ tar xvf data.tar.*
+ mv usr/lib/firefox-esr ../firefox-aarch64
+ cd ../firefox-aarch64
+ mv firefox-esr firefox
+ modify_omni linux64
+ extract_devtools
+ cd ..
+ rm firefox-esr_60.9.0esr+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1_arm64.deb
+ rm -rf firefox-aarch64-tmp

The build process also seems to download and use a few other x86 binaries, however, including updater, pdfinfo and pdftotext. The updater isn't really needed for a distribution package and I'm currently copying the pdftools from the native environment but to make the aarch64 build as close as possible to the x86 one, I'd like to build them in the same way.

I did a brief search in the github organization but I was not able to find the source for either of them (the wiki suggests that the pdftools are modified but didn't say where the source can be found). Given the licences of the binary, I assume the sources are available. Does anyone know where I can find them?
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    Happy to take a patch for aarch64 support.

    (The updater is from an ancient XULRunner build, before they added a hard-coded check for Mozilla binaries in Firefox 40. We'll try to rebuild that from current Mozilla sources at some point.)
  • I swear I searched for xpdf in the organization and didn't find it... Maybe I only searched for pdftool and poppler...

    I'll try to get an aarch64 build of the pdftools first and then I'll see what's the least hacky way to get the build work on/for aarch64...

    For now, the modified standalone build script is here and the prebuilt package for archlinux arm can be found here
  • Dear yuyichao

    Thanks very much for your good work!

    I managed to use 'alien' to convert your Arch Linux package to a Debian package which installed and runs nicely on linux on a ARM64 Chromebook. I haven't tested it out much but the basics seem to work well - time will tell


  • Oh dears, could anyone here please provide a more clear walk-through for non-technology- savvy persons like me on installing zotero on arm-based chromebook?
  • I tried to run `zotero` from the prebuilt arch package above, and got:

    $ zotero
    XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib/zotero/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Couldn't load XPCOM.

    Any help?
  • Oops, nevermind. The package "startup-notification" was not a prerequisite, and I was missing it. It should probably be made a prerequisite of the package.
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