Cursor highlight bug in PDF viewer on iPad

Cursor behaves unexpectedly when selecting text in a PDF on Zotero for iPad. Steps to reproduce:

1. Long tap on a word so it is selected (blue highlight with handles on either end).
2. Drag right handle to the right (or up and to right).
3 (expected): highlighted region extends on single same line to right as far as the handle is dragged.
3 (actual): highlighted region extends onto line below, so two lines are selected, as if handle was dragged downward by an additional line. No matter how high handle is dragged up, two lines are always selected.
4. If handle is dragged downward a few lines and then up again, problem stops and normal behavior resumes, i.e., its possible to highlight text on a single line again.

Running Zotero for iPad version 1.0.1 Build 1 on iPadOS 14.8.1 on iPad Pro 12.9 inch.
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