KeepZotero: a plugin to avoid closing Zotero by minimizing to taskbar

Hi everyone,

I write a plugin KeepZotero
This plugin is to avoid closing Zotero acceidently. closing it like minimized to tray.

Sorry for those guys (, who really want minimizied to tray functionality. I can only make it minimized to taskbar. Except for the logo position, the benifit should be similar to minimized to tray - when you close it, zotero is hidden somewhere and all services relying on Zotero should keep working.

There are five optional function
- (Default: yes) When window is not minialized, normal close way lead minialization.
- (Default: yes) Make shortcut Ctrl/Command + W to be minimization
- (Default: no) Give a confirmation dialog to avoid Exit. If it is selected, user need to confirm exit to close Zotero. (Unstable, especially MacOS)
The followings only have effect on Windows or Linux:
- (Default: no) Enable the shortcut Alt + F4 to close entire Zotero. Note. Without this option but with first option, Alt + F4 minimizes Zotero.
- (Default: yes) Enable the shortcut Ctrl + W to close entire Zotero.

Hope it can help someone.
I appreciate any comments or answer to this plugin/my questions when developing it
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