Tab names in pdf viewer

Is there a way to choose a different field for the tab name in the pdf viewer, rather than the title of the parent item? I'd like to have them labelled with the file name (author date format) or be able to choose the author and date fields. When writing a paper, all the titles seem to start with the same few words so it's hard to find the right tab when I have quite a few open. A list of open tabs the user could click on and then select from (like the "window" menu item in Adobe Reader) would also be a good option for finding a specific pdf when there are many files open.

  • Strongly second this suggestion, Author-Year would be much better for the tab titles!
  • strongly third - Author year would be the best!
  • Strongly agree. I have also been wishing Author-Year was visible at top of the tab.
  • Strongly agree too. Author-Year for the tab name would be helpful.
  • Strongly agree also! Using the citation key as the reference piece of information throughout would reduce the cognitive load of switching through papers.
  • edited July 27, 2022
    I've seen this request in many forms in the forums, but don't recall seeing an update from admin. The main work I am focusing on for my thesis is a work with 5 volumes, all of which I have open constantly, and if I don't have them in the right order I have no way of telling which volume is which (I've named the pdfs Vol 1, Vol 2, etc., but — as is — that's of no use to me). I'm begging you @dstillman et al — please let us use Filename for pdf tabs. Cheers!
  • Strongly agree. Please implement Author-Year for the tab name.
  • Strongly agree as well. Author-Year would be extremely useful.
  • Signing this petition, would love this function. would make it a lot easier for citing as well so I don't have to scroll to the top each time to see the author
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