Announcing Zotero 6 and Zotero for iOS

  • Strong work! The PDF reader is great but seeing that a select box created a linked annotation as a child of the citation . . . this is so useful! Thank you so much for your work!
  • All my christmases have come at once!!
  • I just updated to 6.0 and installed the iOS app. I am very excited. Thank you so much for this version. The features are incredible, including the built-in PDF annotation and the ability to export notes to markdown, which is a huge new feature for me. Bravo!
  • This is amazing. Thank you very much
  • Congratulations!!!! Zotero for IOS is a good tool for researchers. I like it!
  • Thank you for your hard work and excellent wisdom!
    If there is an Android version of zotero, I believe more people will know and start using zotero. There are many Android users, please don't lose them.
  • So excited I am!! I have been hoping this update for a long time. Now it finally comes out. Congratulation!
  • That's great! Thanks a lot!
    I'm still figuring out how to best use Zotero on my iPad.
    Zotfile is great for annotations!
    Any way to have a Zotero add-in in Microsoft Word (for iPad) to insert citations directly as I do on my PC?
    Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you for all the work! Congrats!
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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words — the team really appreciates it. I'm going to close this thread before it gets out of hand with individual requests, but please open new threads for any issues.
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