WhatsApp conversations, email, Redditmanager.com etc

The main thing I want to use Zotero for is finding where I read something so I can refer back to it and either explore some more or cite it as a source in my own notes.

I am currently using Obsidian, but I'd like to get all the references out of Obsidian and into Zotero to keep the Obsidian vault nice & small so it's easier to handle. I've also use Promnesia at times but I'm having trouble getting it working again after upgrading to Monterey. I also use Hook from HookProductivity.

However, I'm not just referencing scientific papers. I also want to reference and hopefully archive:

Reddit posts
WhatsApp conversations

I exported all my saved Reddit posts using redditmanager.com but Zotero can't read the output file.

So IF Zotero isn't designed for this, what is for referencing everything and what is the correct workflow involved? (note that if so this thread would need to move into the offtopic section, I suppose)
  • Zotero can save basically anything that's in the web. So reddit posts are no problem -- just use the save to Zotero button in your browser. That works fine for reddit. It used to work for the print view in Gmail, but not sure that's still the case. I don't think there's a reasonable way to save messages from messaging apps, though you can if course paste them into a note, unless copy is disabled by the app.
    In terms of metadata, Zotero does have categories for all of these, so actually referencing them is no problem.

    Zotero could be made to read things like exported Reddit posts, but you're the first person I recall ever asking about that and it's a fair amount of work to code, so I don't see that happening.
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