pcloud ending webdav support for free plan

Just got an email to this effect--
WebDAV available only for pCloud Premium

From February 11th onwards, WebDAV will be only available for pCloud Premium users.

If you wish to continue using WebDAV, you can upgrade your plan to Premium and enjoy this and many other pCloud features.

  • Not much notice was given.
  • Exactly. I just moved to 4shared. It seems to work well
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    Does 4shared still have the ~2500 item (5K folder) limit?

    some reason ran into an issue wherein 4Shared wouldn't allow more than 5,000 files in a folder. I e-mailed them, but have yet to hear back. Seeing as though 5,000 files to a folder, if that is indeed a limitation, would limit me to only 2,500 Zotero files (1.zip+1.prop/Zotero citation with a saved document), that wouldn't be a useful situation for my large library.


  • On a related note, is anyone still using box.com via webdav for file storage? I used box.com for years (successfully) but migrated to pcloud when they announced that they would be ending 'support for webdav'--

    IMPORTANT | End-Of-Support Notice
    As of October 25, 2019, Box has ended WebDAV support. If you have been using WebDAV you can continue to use it, as described in this article below. But we are no longer resolving any issues that may arise as a result.

  • I didn't know or expect that. I have less than 1000 files in the folder
  • 4shared.com webdav stopped working for me some time ago. So, baigorri, I am curious how you managed to get it to work. 4shared made some update to their system a while back and that derailed my setup. I then tried several other providers -- it is hard to find webdav these days. pCloud worked very well and I was happy until very recently.

    Long ago I paid for a lifetime personal account with Storage Made Easy (SME), a cloud broker who weaves together under a common API access to many cloud accounts that you may have. One unusual feature that that comes with their accounts is their CloudDAV implementation, which gives you WebDAV access to any of their supported cloud providers. With a URL like https://webdav.storagemadeeasy.com/myDropbox/testZotero [/zotero] I had a webdav connection from Zotero mapped on to a Dropbox account via WebDAV.

    This seemed to work on a simple case. I have no idea about performance or integrity. Just adding to the shrinking list of webdav possibilities
  • I created a new account yesterday (I once had an account, but I couldn't find the password) and it seems to work. I cross my fingers.
  • I did struggle with 4shared webdav service and had to move to pCloud. I have just retried 4shared.com service and let it recreate the zotero folder, and it all seems to work well again. Thank you baigorri for your post.

    I have a paid account with zotero.org but wish to reserve my quota for shared groups. Webdav provided a good way to do this. I have recently converted to the Zotfile approach which seems to work pretty well.
  • Carlboe, is your library over 2500 items?
  • How about yours, bagorri?
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