How to change the absolute directory to base directory for multiple files?

I was using the linked attachment base directory for zotero, however, it seems that things didn't set up quite well. I have moved hundreds of files to a new folder while setting up cloud storage for them.
I want to change the file URLs to linked base directory for them at once. So, how can I change the base directory location of a lot of files simultaneously while they might have absolute location?
  • The Zutilo add-on provides some functions that might help you with this, see here. You could use Zutilo's "Show attachment paths" function to figure out your current situation. It seems that the Linked Attachment Base Directory isn't set up properly.
  • Thank you very much! You saved me a lot of hassle.

    Zutilo add-on works very well for this problem. Just needed to go the Tools>Zutilo Preferences and enable menu items for Show attachments and Modify attachments (I'm on MacOS). Next, select any number of items in Zotero and then replace that part of string in its path which I wanted to use as relative base directory for all of my files and it worked very well!
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