Problems running WORD processor on institutional PC (Office 365)

Dear ZOTERO community,

I sincerely hope someone can help with troubleshooting:

I have joined a new university and received a new institutional PC (Office 365) on which I am a local admin. I could install the ZOTERO standalone client and the browser extensions, and both the client and the extensions work.

However, the WORD processor does not show up. I have gone through the troubleshooting info in the ZOTERO documentation already but cannot find the problem. In the ZOTERO client, all the settings are correct, and I can also see that there is the correct ZOTERO add-on when I check the WORD settings. But the ZOTERO buttons simply do not show up in the Windows task bar.

My university only supports Endnote, which is why I am wondering if there is any institutional default set-up that might hinder ZOTERO.

I have worked for different universities in the past but never encountered any issues installing ZOTERO on their PCs, so I would welcome feedback from people who have encountered problems with Office 365.

Thanks so much!
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    I believe it's possible for an institution to disable all but approved plugins.

    When you say "I can also see that there is the correct ZOTERO add-on when I check the WORD settings", what are you referring to? Do you see Zotero.dotm in Templates and Add-ins? Is it checked?
  • Yes, I can see Zotero.dotm in the Add Ins section, and it says "template" in one of the columns, but I am not sure if it is checked or where I could to that. It's merely a list of applications. I will try and ask our IT services if they disabled ZOTERO.
  • There are checkboxes next to each listing in the Templates and Add-ins dialog. You can see them in the screenshot on this page.
  • Thanks, the problem really was that IT services blocked all kinds of external macros after the recent hack, so university machines need special permission to run ZOTERO. Our institution only officially supports Endnote, but I am a true ZOTERO disciple.
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