Zotero iOS beta minor bugs

A few problems I am experiencing on the iOS beta:
- selecting text causes the app to freeze. This can happen for a few seconds or up to almost a minute. For me, it’s the biggest problem experienced so far.
- more of a practical problem, but I have troubles highlighting. I guess that the difference with standard softwares on iOS is that the highlight function does not automatically select the beginning and the end of a word. The result is that, despite my best effort, I often end up missing a letter or two at the beginning or at the end of the word, or selecting more than I want. Selecting complete words is even more difficult in dark mode, since it is difficult to see what you are selecting there.
- I don’t know if it is just me, but if I add new papers from a file (say, importing from my email) the iOS version of the software does not retrieve the metadata, and I seem to be unable to force it to do it
- finally, a suggestion. In the home page, the screen is split into two. On the right I have my list of papers, on the left my folders. It would be nice (1) to be able to access tags too on the left side (not just folders) (2) to be able to minimise the left side bar, and visualise the library tab in (almost) full screen. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t need the left bar all that often (almost never), but it takes half the screen. Being able to minimise it would make the screen cleaner, and leave space to display more information.
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