Zotero PDF Reader-search for annotations tag

Hello, when I use the PDF reader, I can highlight it, add my comments, and tag my comments, it's awsome. However, I can't search for these tags of annotations; I can only search for tags of item notes. I don't know if this is a bug. I'd like to add a feature to search for these tags of annotations.Thank you.
  • Annotation tag search isn't yet implemented, but it's planned.
  • That's good news. Thank you very much for your reply.
  • Very interested in this feature as well, is searching for tags of annotations available now? Given currently, there are always 10-30 tags of my annotations in an article, this feature would be in highly demand for me. As i tag annotations for future searching, if tags of annotations cannot be searched in the PDF annotation view, all my annotation tags would be used much less efficiently, really looking forward to this funciton in near future!

    Besides, i find the window of the annotation tag is not adjustable, in the case of many annotation tags in an article, it would be nice if the size of the window can be adjusted just as the window for tags of items, that would make these tags be displayed in a a much better view.
  • Is there any update on the annotations tags search? I believe this feature would be in high demand for everybody who uses annotation tags, it would facilitate the search for specific information, and segments, when re-opening a document!
  • @kapri2725: Yes, annotation tag search has been there for a while. Searching for annotation tags will currently match the parent attachment. In a future version, it will be possible to view annotations directly in the items list.
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