Mendeley importer doesn't work with institutional login

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  • Hey, I'm moving from Mendeley as it's become unbearably buggy.

    When I try to login to Mendeley through Zotero, there's an app pop-up window for login details. After selecting instituional login, my institution, and then "Access though my institution", the pop-up window goes blank and I can't complete the login.

    I get the same problem on windows (Windows 10, zotero version 5.0.97-beta.56+32a5826a1) and mac (macOS Monterey, same version of zotero). My institution does use 2fa, but that's not the issue- there's no opportunity to enter my email/password.

    Any way to solve this issue? I can't wait to be done with Mendeley!
  • I'm afraid we don't have any way of testing that — we use Mendeley's standard third-party login mechanism, but it's possible that doesn't work with institutional subscriptions.

    Can you provide a Debug ID for an attempt to start the import, and also take a screenshot and email it to with a link to this thread?

    It's a bit of a pain, but you can use the alternative method to import if you don't mind installing an old version of Mendeley Desktop.
  • Hey, thanks for the quick reply. The debug ID is D1207962570, I've also sent that in an email with a video & a screenshot.

    I mention this there too, but it should be possible to repoduce the bug and test it without any instituional login details:

    file -> import -> mendeley online reference manager (online import) -> sign in via your institution -> university of oxford -> access through university of oxford -> blank screen.

    Thanks for the help. I will certainly use the alternative method if this doesn't work out.
  • OK, while we can't test this fully, we're hoping this is fixed in the latest beta.
  • Works beautifully! Got my collections, papers, annotations. Thanks for the quick fix!
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