Mendeley bulk revert sentence case in title 7th edition APA Style

Hello to all the community.

I'm a Mendeley user, and I've been redirected to the Zotero Forum after contacting some colleagues, the company, and some experts, as Mendeley Desktop 1.19.8 is not consistent when formatting the titles as sentence case, according to the 7th edition of the APA style (including after editing the "citation style" at

I've already went through some previous posts, such as the Changes to APA Style in 7th Edition or Bug? Creating reference list in APA 7th: Incorrect title capitalization.

I now understand Why don't titles show up in sentence case in bibliographies?, that I should have the titles in sentence case by default (with proper nouns in upper case), and how to use language codes if needed (it also works in Mendeley).

My problem is now retrospective. I'm looking for advice on how to bulk revert the references that are already imported in my library in title case.

Much appreciated.
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    We can help with CSL styles here, but we can't provide Mendeley product support — you'd obviously have to get that from them.
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  • Most appreciated for getting into this.

    What I previously meant was that I'm looking for advice on how to bulk revert the references that are already imported in my library in title case, using CSL Styles, not in Mendeley, and not using Mendeley software.

    As the style does have an option to format the title with the "text-case" as lowercase, uppercase, capitalize-first, capitalize-all, title, and sentence, I was wondering if a solution closer to the example mentioned above (of using the language of the document to force a different title format) could be possible.

    If not, and the conclusion is that titles have to be imported in sentence case by default, is the only option available to manually edit every title directly in the library, or is there another option that could be pursued?
  • You can customize the CSL style to use text-case="sentence", but that's very crude sentence casing and you'd have to manually fix all proper nouns *every time you cite a paper*.
    Given that, I'd say yes, individually fixing casing to sentence case in the entry itself is the only way to go. Zotero has a helper function for that, but I don't think that's available in Mendeley
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