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  • By 'next release' do you mean 2.0 final or 2.1?
    2.0 Final.
    And are there plans to map this field to biblatex's bookauthor field for BibTeX import/export?
    Best to start a new thread to suggest that.
  • "Introduction By" has not yet been added, as (as far as I know) it lacks CSL support. bdarcus and others would have comment on whether there's an interim way to support "Introduction By" in CSL before Zotero gains hierarchical item type support.
  • Very good news - thanks for the update.
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    CSL 1.0 doesn't include an "Introduction By"-term. But it is already possible to use a conditional ( on the container-author variable, and apply a prefix ("Introduction By") when the variable isn't empty. This should work with Zotero 2.0 once the variable has been mapped (as Dan mentioned above), although the prefix would of course not localize.
  • By 'next release' do you mean 2.0 final or 2.1?

    2.0 Final.
    It seems that "Book Author" has not been mapped to CSL "container-author" in 2.0 Final. Right?
  • I really wish this sort of thing wouldn't get added when we have no clear idea (at least I don't) what the plan is for the evolution of Zotero's data model and UI.
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    I don't really need this "container-author" ATM, I was just surprised not to find it in 2.0.

    More generally, I can understand your point: you've expressed your opinion strongly and regularly in the past years... but it does not seem consistent with the addition of a csl "container-author" variable, does it?

    What has to be done in order to implement a hierarchical model, since I assume that's what you're talking about? (Must be a enormous amount of work)

    This question (hierarchical items relationship) arises in many threads on this forum but it sounds like a chimera... this might change with the final release of Zotero 2.0? (uh - this discussion reminds me this and that: the fact that it's difficult for users to know what's going to happen next in Zotero development...

    EDIT: and it's somewhat surprising for me to see that you're often asking for a debate on data model. I would assume that, as csl dev, you would be much more heard!
    [I do not want to hurt anyone - I'm more than perfectly happy with zotero - hope my remarks are read as I'm writing them: with peaceful mind!]
  • It seems that "Book Author" has not been mapped to CSL "container-author" in 2.0 Final. Right?
    It should be, though I haven't tested it.

    Bruce, adding Book Author as a stopgap solution was cleared by Elena, and I also CCed you with an explicit request for comment. There's no harm in additional structured data that serves a current need and that can easily be converted into another form in the future.
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    It should be, though I haven't tested it.
    It works: my csl syntax was bad. Sorry.
  • Hi,
    thanks for inserting the Book Author field into the Book Section item type, much appreciated. But even when this field is filled in, it is not outputting in MLA style. The Book Author field simply disappears when I create the bibliography. Am I missing something here?

    I've tried to tinker with the CSL to fix this, but I don't know enough about CSL coding to do this (I've looked at the CSL and vaguely figured out that a new macro needs to be written for Book Author, and then inserted into the layout... or something... well, at least I tried, please don't jump down my throat for being CSL-ignorant :-) )

    My current work-around is to get Zotero to output this:

    Hansen, Miriam Bratu. “Introduction to[[REMOVE INVERTED COMMAS].” _Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality. [[REMOVE ITALICS]By Siegfried Kracauer[[/REMOVE ITALICS]_. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1997. vii-xlv. Print.

    ...and then manually edit (with the words in caps serving as reminders to do this), in order to get this:

    Hansen, Miriam Bratu. Introduction to _Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality_. By Siegfried Kracauer. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1997. vii-xlv. Print.

    Obviously not ideal!
  • This is a fairly serious problem for people in social sciences and humanities where there are many chapter contributions cited. Is there a reason there can't be a proper output?
  • I think you may be missing something. Regular chapters can be cited correctly in Zotero. It's just introductions that don't work.
    Could you give an example of what you're trying to cite?
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